Twice The Fun Games

Castle Flutterstone

Drei Magier Spiele

Ages: 6 + 
Players: 2 - 4 
Playing Time: 15 - 25 Minutes

Hurry on along to old Flutterstone Castle! And now the thrilling competition to be the first to lift the magic trophy commences!

Be careful though – the mysterious ruins are full of obstacles and unexpected surprises. With a bit of luck and skill, the little bats flutter off to the right places, and show you the quickest path to your destination. 

Players take turns using the "catapult" to launch cloth bats at old Flutterstone Castle. Depending on where the bat lands, the active player may move 1-2 spaces. If they land in the moat, they must take a Ghost card. The Ghost cards have various effects that can either help the player, or hinder their progress. The first player that's able to get to the top of the castle wins the game, and gets the golden bat trophy!

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