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Clank! In Space! Apocalypse

Renegade Game Studios

Sold Out

Ages: 13 + 
Players: 2 - 4 
Playing Time: 60 Minute

Small pockets of resistance continue to oppose Lord Eradikus, but the evil cyborg now plots to wipe the out with one grand wicked SCHEME!

TWART the efforts of Lord Eradikus!

REAP the rewards of noble (and perhaps reluctant) heroism!

SAVE the galaxy...and get rich in the process!

Maybe YOU can avert the APOCALYPSE!
(or at least escape with the treasure while someone else does.)

This is not a standalone game. Clank! In Space! required to enjoy.

The Clank! Deck-Building Adventure System mixes the right amount of push-your-luck suspense, character creation, and interesting game choices. It’s just such a fun system that players have been asking for more. Clank! In! Space! brings all that adventure to a new and more challenging setting.

This new big box game offers players a chance to escape an alien starship using the same exciting system.

Clank! In! Space! will be available this fall in limited quantities.
Reserve yours today!

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