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Fling A Ring Red & Blue

Fling A Ring

Ages: 4+ 


Fling A Ring is the new “ultimate“ outdoor backyard game. From horseshoes to washers, ladders to frisbee golf, it captures the skill set of them all!  The unique locking features assist in the disc catching and locking to the opposite post for points. It is a cross between horseshoes (except light and safe), disc golf (without needing a course), and the good old fashion “Jarts” (minus the sharp points and lawsuits).

Easy Point System

  • 1 point if the throwing ring is within a disc length of the post.
  • 2 points if the disc hits the any part of the opposite post.
  • 3 points if the disc is within the finger locking features of the disc.
  • 4 points if the disc is locked in the small circle on the disc.
The game is to 21 and you must win by 2 points.


Product Detail:

  • 2 blue disks
  • 2 red disks
  • 2 posts
  • plus FREE carrying package case


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