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Heroes of Normandie Sainte-Mere Eglise


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Ages: 14 + 
Players: 2 
Playing Time: 60 Minutes

Recreate the Battle of St. Mere Eglise with the new scenario expansion Heroes of Normandie: Sainte-Mere Eglise! This expansion features:

  • New special abilities
    • Charge, Urban Combatant, Demolition, Inspiration, Munitions Transport
  • New components
    • Camo, Cricket Lane, Gliders, Hawkins Mines, Knives
  • New character traits
    • Dropped (for paratroopers!), Sprinter, Walking Fire


  • 82nd Inf. Div. 508th inf. reg. (US Paratroopers – Rifle Squad) and its recrutement options
  • 101st Inf. Div. 502nd inf. reg. (US Paratroopers – Rifle Squad) and its recrutement options
  • 82nd Inf. Div. 505th inf. reg. (US Paratroopers – Weapon Squad) and its recrutement options
  • Field Command (Lt Col Benjamin Hayes “Vandy” Vandervoort)
  • 2 heroes (Arthur “Dutch” Schultz (US) and Reino Hamer (Allemand)
  • New vehicles, equipment, character traits and orders for your paratroopers
  • 3 German Beutepanzers R35 – Street lamps and Drop Zones
  • 6 terrain tiles, including the church and its bell tower and La Fière manor
  • Rules for night combats, street lamps, sleeping units, dominant position and large buildings, gliders, etc.
  • Advanced rules for buildings destruction
  • 6 scenario campaign

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