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Kilt Castle

Zoch zum Spielen

Ages:  10 + 
Players:  2 - 4 
Playing Time:  30 - 45 minutes

From haggis to caber toss, Scotland is full of traditions that seem odd to an outsider. But the oddest tradition has recently been discovered by Günter Burkhardt: when the Scots build a castle for their clan, it’s not a collaborative effort like you would expect.

Every builder wants his or her own floors to top all the towers.

The resulting castle is neither very hospitable to live in nor does it have great defensive value, but it is a home for your clan, and someone made a lot of money building it!

In a shared effort, the players build their Scottish clan’s castle: Kilt Castle. However, only the player that contributes the topmost floor of any of the keep’s many towers will actually get to lay hands on a share of the clan treasure.

To this end, whenever it is a player’s turn, that player picks up an open card from one of the stacks next to the game board and places it in another row. All players whose colors are on that card are then allowed to build a new tower or build on top of an existing tower. 

High towers are a good way to claim a large, connected territory and collect a lot of ducats.

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