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Lords of Scotland

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Ages: 13 + 
Players: 2 - 5 
Playing Time: 30 Minutes

The throne of Scotland lies empty and you are one of the many lords fighting to lay claim to it. Muster your followers and garner the supporters that will lead your ascension to the throne. Beware though, for not all lords are going to bow down to your supremacy. To succeed, you will have to use the many clans to your advantage and show the other lords what it means to be King of the Scots!

Acquire the support you need to win the game by winning skirmishes against your rivals.

During each round you have the opportunity to either build up your army by playing cards from your hand or recruit clans to fight for you by drawing cards from the recruit pile.

At the end of five rounds, each lord gets to claim a supporter in order; discard all the clans you mustered and begin a new skirmish.

Game ends when one lord reaches forty or more points worth of support and claims the throne.

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