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Zoch zum Spielen

Ages:  10 + 
Players:  2 - 5 
Playing Time:  60 - 90 minutes

As the boat circles around the ritual sites of the archipelago, you will learn who will be suited to become the new chief. The more you stock up on valuables from the island, the less you will be able to use them. The more you hurry to build the huts on the divine paths, the more patience the gods will demand from you.

MANGROVIA connects familiar game play with refreshing innovation. On the divine archipelago, ONE decision entails TWO turns.

Remember this... The last will be the first!

Mangrovia is a light "gamer"/family game with a Caribbean mangrove setting and a clever role selection mechanism that allows players to choose two different actions as well as the turn order in which they do these actions all by placing just one marker.

Through the game players try to acquire the best locations for their huts in this appealing and unspoiled landscape. If they manage to do so, they will become the rightful successor of the old chief and win the game.

Players gain Chief points by having the most huts (and the second-most huts) along each of the eight divine paths watched over by statues of the Gods. Additional Chief points can be earned by controlling sacred locations, by collecting amulets, and simply by building huts at lucrative locations. Victory is achievable through a number of options, guaranteeing high re-playability.

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