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League Information

The most most important part of all this is communication.

The object of the league is to enjoy the challenge of strategy play and have fun!

  • Climb to the top spot on the ladder.
  • One round is played every month.
  • Each round a new scenario will be played which is pre-selected by the GM (me) from a list of scenarios.
  • Each player will play each other the player (non-idle) in non-elimination swiss-system pairing.
  • Once a match session begins, it is up to the two players involved to setup a time(s) and location to play the match.
    • First attempt at location should be in our play-space; advantages are:
      • immediately consulting with me for rulings,
      • access to store copy of Memoir '44.
    • A match (or even a game) does not have to be completed in one session; save the game state and continue at a later date.
  • Players may also use online play if both agree to that method and may be required for challenges with out-of-town players.
  • A match consists of 2 games.
    • Each player will play one game from each side (Allied & Axis) of that round's scenario. The higher ranked player will play from the Allied side first.
    • In the case of a tie, where both players earned equal total medals, the match would go to the player that eliminated the most figures in the match. 
If still tied, the higher ranked player will win. Rank has it's privileges.

Any player that won will pass all players that lost above him. 

  • A player is allowed to sit idle (decline the challenge) two rounds in a row and will maintain their relative current position on the ladder.

If a player sits out for 3 rounds in a row, they will drop below all other players who played that round.
  • Any player who forfeits a match (does not play both games) will drop to the bottom of the ladder.

  • Any new players will be added to the bottom of the list.

  • In the case of an odd number of active players for a given round, the last player on the list will be idle.

  • Rounds will start every month and players will have 4 weeks to complete their matches (2 games).
  • Higher ranked player is to bring the Memoir '44 core set or arrange for one to be present at the game.

Winner must report match results before the commencement of the next challenge using the combat reporting tool.


Game Play Guidelines

  • All games will play using components from the core set of Memoir '44.
  • If a rules question can not be resolved from the core set rule book consult the Memoir '44 Official FAQCards Compendium (links below) or contact GM (me) for a ruling.
  • If a ruling can not be determined or agreed upon by the players the game must stop. Do the following:
    • record current player (who's turn is it?).
    • record troop positions and strengths.
    • record each hand of command cards - each player records his own hand.
    • contact me indicating the game has stopped.
    • arrange to come to the store to complete the game.

Thanks to everyone for playing,

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Written by Boris Lysynski — January 31, 2016

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Memoir ' 44 League Information

League Information The most most important part of all this is communication. The object of the league is to enjoy the challenge of strategy play and have fun! Climb to the top...

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